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Metro Phoenix StepUp

Raised to date:
Our goal: $470,000
Wesley Bolin Plaza
1700 W. Washington St. , Phoenix, AZ 85007
Date: Friday, May 15, 2020 8:00 AM

Important Update

Our March for Babies celebration is still on, but it looks a little different! We are rapidly preparing for a new, virtualized event that will be fun and engaging for everyone. This change in format aligns with the newly released CDC guidance for large events, to help ensure the safety and health of our participants. More details on our new format to come soon!



During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, moms and babies can’t wait. Delivery can’t wait.

By joining March for Babies Step Up! you are helping moms and babies across the country, during a time when it’s needed most. Thanks to you we are adding new programs and resources to help families during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Your fundraising supports:

  • Free virtual NICU support program for families
  • Virtual prenatal programs for moms-to-be
  • COVID-19 interventions and support for moms and babies
  • Educational programs, including live Facebook panel discussions, to get info into hands of moms and families
  • Necessary supplies for expectant mothers including blood pressure cuffs and masks

and so much more!

There are so many ways to join March for Babies Step Up!

  1. Register here at by clicking "JOIN THIS EVENT".
  2. After registering, you can download the app to participate in our step-tracking challenges.
  3. Start stepping and share your story using #MarchforBabies and #MFBStepUp! You can use our fun social tools to help you spread the word!
  4. Request pledges from friends and family – don’t be shy!
  5. And don’t forget to make your own donation!

You can earn fun March of Dimes fundraising rewards – now through August 15!

And don’t forget - March of Dimes is here to serve as a resource for you, providing the latest information on COVID-19 on our webpage. You can also learn about our newly launched COVID-19 Intervention and Support Fund to ensure families stay informed about COVID-19, and that interventions are developed with moms and babies top of mind and then distributed so everyone across our country has access. Find more here.


EVENT PROGRESS* - Raised: $269,131 *(As of Friday, Jul 10, 2020)

Raised: $269,131

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March for Babies Arizona Ambassador Family



Laila Piccoli

On September 6, 2014 at 24.1 weeks pregnant, I went to the hospital feeling sick thinking I had the flu. It was not the flu; I was very sick due to an infection around the baby. When they told me Laila was going to be born I expected the worst. All the doctors were called in; my obstetrician, the neonatal team, as well as the neonatal transport team because our hospital was unable to care for babies as small as Laila. My husband, not really understanding what was going on, asked the nurse if Laila was coming now. She said yes and I immediately fell apart. I started seeing so many people come in to set up for the delivery. This was supposed to be the happiest time of our lives, but instead we were both so scared. I am a labor and delivery nurse at the same hospital and I saw the faces of my co-workers who are normally so happy and cheerful also looking concerned for us. Once the entire team was there Laila was born weighing only 1lb 6oz, 12 inches and her eyes were still fused shut. This was 111 days (4 months) before she was supposed to have been born. Due to Laila’s severe prematurity, her lungs were not developed and she was unable to breath on her own. They had repeatedly tried to intubate her, but they were unsuccessful. They came to my husband and I to discuss our options. All I could do is cry and beg the neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) to save her. Eventually they were able to intubate her. Then, very abruptly, due to the severe weather that had moved into Phoenix, the neonatal transport team told the doctor and NNP they had 5 minutes to prep Laila or they would have to leave without her. There was much more that was needed to be done to stabilize Laila. In order for Laila to be transported to a hospital that could properly care for her, they were unable to do anything else but send her. Laila was taken by helicopter to St Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix where she spent 115 days. There were so many people who cared for Laila while she was in the NICU. She had heart surgery at 18 days, she had 2 brain bleeds; grade 4 and grade 2, and she was not able to breathe on her own for the first 60 days. Laila also had multiple blood transfusions and had to fight off infection. Due to an oral eversion, Laila stopped taking a bottle and eating at 9 months of age. Laila has completed an intensive feeding program were she now receives almost 30% of her daily nutrition by G-tube. Laila must be watched very closely because she aspirates thin liquids. She is unable to drink like most toddlers. If she was to pick up a drink and swallow it she essentially could drown due to the aspiration. Through Vital-Stim therapy we were able to strengthen the muscle in her throat allowing her to swallow without aspirating some liquids. The next step in Laila’s journey is to continue weekly physical therapy to get her stronger. We still face many health challenges today, but through it all, Laila has always been the happiest little girl. Recently Laila was a flower girl in her NICU nurses wedding. When you have a micro-preemie it takes many people to get through the changes and you develop a bond like no other. We encourage each and every one of you to invite one additional person to join us for our virtual March for Babies Phoenix......... #bringonemore


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